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Does the electric pallet truck need to be licensed£¿
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Reagrding the licensing of special equipment,some customers reported that they were inspected by the geological supervision department in China recently.The electric pallet truck is required to be licensed as it is a special vehicle.

In the catalogue of special equipment released in the early years, there are no pallet truck, only forklifts and sightseeing vehicles on the list.Other vehicles are not special equipment.There are no problems such as licensing and annual inspection.The quality supervision department will no longer supervise.Actually,as long as the storage vehicle does not need to be lifted by the gantry, it does not belong to special equipment.

Although the electric pallet truck is not a special equipment, it should be operated safely when used in the plant.To ensure correct use, this truck should only be operated by trained and authorized personnel.It is used on basically firm, flat, intact plane and appropriate surface and can not be operate on slope.During operation, the goods must be placed at the load center of the carrier. Any change or change that may affect the rated load, stability or safe operation of the vehicle must obtain the written approval of the vehicle manufacturer or its authorized manufacturer or its successor in advance.

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