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Precautions for using electric forklift accessories
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Forklift truck attachment is also known as a variety of devices.It is an efficient equipment for automatic loading, unloading, stacking and handling.

Why configure accessories?

Electric forklift accessories have the advantage:high efficiency,Damage Reduction,Safety.It is widely used in papermaking, packaging, printing, petroleum, chemical industry, construction, smelting, electronics, beverage, hardware, automobile manufacturing, storage, tobacco, military industry and other industries.

1.Installation level.

When assembling the forklift, the accessories must be installed at the same level.All countries in the world adopt iso-2328-1993 standards for fork racks.

Forklifts of various tonnage produced by forklift manufacturers in China are designed in strict accordance with the standard (GB / t5184-1996).Therefore, when selecting accessories, as long as the installation level of the selected accessories is the same as that of the fork frame, there is no problem in the installation and matching of forklift and accessories.

2.Loading capacity.

The use of forklift accessories increases the front suspension of the original forklift.The load center distance moves forward, and the forklift has its own weight, so the bearing capacity (lifting capacity) of the whole vehicle will decrease.Meanwhile, the allowable lifting capacity of the forklift can be calculated.Users must not overload, which has a great impact on the accessories.

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