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A brief introduction to the characteristics of the forward moving forklift
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The forward moving forklift is powered by battery.The gantry or fork can move back and forth.

During the operation of gantry forward forklift, the gantry drives the fork forward and extends out of the front wheel to pick up or put down the goods.When walking, the fork takes the goods back, so that the center of the goods is in the support surface.

During the operation of fork forward moving forklift, the fork frame drives the fork to move forward beyond the front wheel for operation. When walking, the fork frame drives the fork to retract into the support surface.

The forward moving forklift has the characteristics of flexibility, light operation, no pollution and low noise.It combines the advantages of electric stacker and counterweight forklift.When the gantry extends forward to the top, the load center of gravity falls outside the fulcrum, which is equivalent to a counterweight forklift.When the gantry is fully retracted, the load center of gravity falls on the inner side of the fulcrum, which is equivalent to an electric stacker.The combination of these two properties not only ensures the operation flexibility and high load performance, but also does not increase the volume and self weight much, saves the working space to the greatest extent and greatly improves the land utilization rate.

Due to the load capacity of the shelf.Small tonnage forward moving forklifts are popular and usually loading capacity is between 1 ~ 2T.The most effective operation height is 5 ~ 8m.It is equivalent to the building height of about 10m.This height is also the most common building height of stores, distribution centers, logistics centers and enterprise central warehouses.Within this height range, the operator can reach the line of sight, locate quickly and have high efficiency.When the operating height is greater than 8m, the forward forklift shall be used slowly and carefully when forking and positioning,generally, the operation performance can be improved by adding auxiliary devices such as height indicator, height selector or camera.

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